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tv   Headline News  RT  August 3, 2014 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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nuclear power yeah. sad. very tempting. today's headlines in a round up of the week's top stories here in our international at least ten people have been killed in an israeli air strike on a un school in gaza this is doctors say thirty palestinians were killed early on sunday as israel began redeploying troops. all resistance centers in east ukraine are besieged by kiev's troops the un says the number of civilians killed in the crackdown has surpassed eleven hundred. thirteen businesses brace for multi billion you are trained cuts over the latest sanctions imposed on russia by the u.s. and e.u. governments. which
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are due to national coming to you live from moscow i'm marina joshie welcome to the program russian checkpoint on the border with east ukraine has come under attack from the ukrainian side o.s.c. observers were there at the time well the side was damaged by there but there are no reports of injuries the international observers were sent to the area to monitor the situation on the border in the last couple of months the border has been shelled a number of times a ukrainian rocket killed one russian citizen. trying to stories now israel has been shelling gaza again on sunday morning and another un school has come under fire killing at least ten people that's despite reports the israeli defense force has been scaling back its operations and winding down is the struction of hamas dolls and here's the latest from our middle east correspondent policy. this is
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a facility where thousands of people were seeking shelter so it is highly likely that among the casualties are going to be women and children as of yet no official comment from the israeli side but it does follow a similar incident back on when stage in that particular incident some twenty people were killed when these radios shells hit a mother un school where hundreds of displaced people were seeking shelter these waiting response to wednesday's incident is that it is investigating it there have been harsh words from the united nations which has said that they have repeatedly informed and warned the israeli army we civilians are using the facilities for seeking shelter but as i say we are waiting to hear from the israeli side regarding this latest incident it certainly follows a renewal of fighting what we know is that at least thirty gazans were killed in the early hours of sunday morning this is as israel resumed its strikes over the towns of russia and in jabalya it follows harsh statements made by the israeli
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prime minister benjamin netanyahu on saturday night he said and this was an explicit warning to hamas that they would pay an intolerable price if they continued with the airstrikes netanyahu saying that the focus of the army and the ground forces inside gaza was still to destroy tunnels but that even when that was completed they would continue to ensure that gaza was militant free and that israel south would be safe for citizens and that's responded by saying that netanyahu his comments were a declaration of failure and defeat and that they believe that they were an attempt to raise them a role from among the israeli army now israel has also if he did kid did a soldier that when missing over the weekend there was an incident on friday when two other soldiers were killed when a mass suicide on the blew himself up after emerging from a tunnel that the israelis were trying to destroy at this. it doesn't seem as if
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any of these were new ceasefire efforts that are supposed to be taking in cairo will bear any fruit we know from the israeli side but they have said that they are not the same thing a delegation to the egyptian capital. there and they really are thrilled israeli army spokesman lieutenant colonel peter lerner and he said israel's actions are prompted by the persistent rocket attacks from the militants and sort of continues to be threatened by indiscriminate rockets that are launched by hamas to israel even as we speak even during the continued days as we've seen in the last three and a half weeks they have continued to attempt to attack us through tunnels and indeed we had the incident on friday when two two soldiers and then a third were killed in an attack coming out from a tunnel and this is a repeating occurrence hamas which has hundreds and hundreds of militants are utilizing exploiting the civilian arena just yesterday i have an indication of an honor
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a school that for eleven times during the day rockets were launched from specific location so it's a huge challenge it's something we are facing but indeed we are determined to prevent any additional isn't your response a bit disproportionate prime minister netanyahu says hamas rulers would pay an intolerable prize if they continued to fire rockets at israel and that all options are on the table and we have this huge civilian death toll among palestinians so what options do you think prime minister was talking about when he said that every single time hamas has had the opportunity to deescalate the situation with a cease fire every time they've escalated it there would have been no more people killed if hamas would have abided by the internationally brokered cease fire on friday but what did they do they chose to escalate they chose to increase aggression they chose to exasperate the situation and this is an unfortunate outcome but we cannot and we will not. be willing to live under this type of threats. and the operation dubbed protective edge is the deadliest israeli
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offensive in years more than seven hundred palestinians and sixty six israelis have so far been killed and that's hundreds more than were killed in the so-called caste lead operation back in two thousand and eight. i. was the first. with. and harry fear reporter for our team gaza has been speaking to the palestinian medics working round the clock to help the injured. it's hard to fathom how such a boss devastation can occur in three weeks of fighting. thousands of homes damaged
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or destroyed tens of thousands internally displaced and well over a thousand killed inside gaza's main hospital in its burns unit are a small fraction of the surviving injured this girl three years old. this raid is demolished the house of this family. so we do see the girl her mother her two brothers would see rebels. this morning this woman is a very severe condition she is she presented to us about five days ago with her son and her husband her son has been died with severe burns and she's still surviving with a very critical condition the doctors and nurses here look as stunned as the civilians who've survived in heavily bombarded areas it's hard to imagine how the
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medical staff can cope with these truly horrendous cases a human being if i see whole family is the killed under the rubble of their house the house. and these people and all the families killed. in one of the instances i have a child here he was all the time crying all his family's you'll since father his mother his brother is a grandfather and all the time he's crying he wants his mother so i closed the door of my office and. those that survived this war will have to the physical and psychological scars for years to come. through what weaponry is causing these injuries it's not entirely clear that. having is very severe the magnitude of destruction of the human beings those are intended to kill. the people.
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on the ground it feels as if during this war is fixed on stopping hamas rockets once and for darkness a credible civilian toll. now the conflict in gaza has led to demonstrations in support of both sides any europe demos were mainly against the israeli operation protesters in berlin and waved palestinian flags and banners denouncing the civilian deaths hundreds of protesters also gathered at the israeli embassy in the portuguese capital lisbon and thousands marched across london voicing their anger against the israeli strikes in france more than ten thousand marched through paris in support of the palestinian people the country has seen weeks of protests since the start of the conflict with some demonstrations and being in clashes and across the atlantic in new york two rallies took place at the same time on the same street one pro israel the other pro palestine.
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israel's prime minister is vowing to push on it with a military operation in gaza against hamas no matter how much time or force it takes expert on israeli arab relations james patterson is kevin no one that precious little is being done to end the bloodshed. they've destroyed all the working for civil liberties electricity water supply storage systems making it unlivable because the ultimate goal is exclusively jewish israelis stay they want to drive the entire palestinian people out of inhabitable region the world opinion is shark but there's no one that's raising a hand to tell the israelis you will pay a price for this but netanyahu is also called for the international community to stand by israel before a come let's take a listen to that quick clip. both of them going to lose these people who.
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will. live as a group as it evolves hamas. is. it was or was. it his group of us others who. will they stand with israel the question is who will stand with israel to great britain geraghty of people in the world are all to condemn israel every country in the world i would say the majority condemn says realist brutality but israel continues to act because it feels it has impunity that is the united states government continues to supply arms and provide diplomatic protection for the genocide that is taking place in the european union wrings this hands continues to engage in business as
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usual with israel. and coming out modern day slavery for the world's most to watch sporting events finding workers in qatar the host of the twenty second football world cup are reportedly stranded without a working in inhumane conditions. fish farms waters. and the problem may. be. spread all over. food you have in the whole world. drama zones in the fischel inquiry further more restrictions. really knows what's been signed the feel. odd.
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dramas the chance. to. stories others refuse to notice. the faces changing the world. picture of today's. on demand from around the globe. local. t.v. . ok back to washington to international now qantas continuing to tighten the noose on anti-government resistance in eastern ukraine and the red marks on this map put together by a korean media outlets show areas that are still controlled by the opposition and
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they are shrinking on a daily basis areas under have a siege including is your region's largest cities and lugansk with local authorities saying the strain is on the brink of a humanitarian catastrophe. and this is one of the latest ballfields videos to emerge online and apparently shows that fighting continues for every scrap of land although we can't verify of where and how the images were taken. now out of all the disturbing images coming from the region this week these are probably some of the most striking people in wheelchairs died in broad daylight after a care home for the elderly in lugansk was apparently pounded by shells both science blamed each other for the killing. and right now you're seeing the latest pictures from the outskirts deniece we've seen gruesome scenes before and
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neighboring towns and cities and now there are bodies on the ground in the regions capital which just two years ago host of full bowls euro two thousand twelve playoffs this district is the closest to the front line from where key of stroup are trying to advance towards the city the videos are in stark contrast with the words of ukraine's president who repeatedly promised that civilians would not suffer in the conflict. ukrainian military forces the national guard and other units will never allow themselves to do harm to civilians ukrainian soldiers will risk their own lives but won't threaten women children and elderly men this is the eternal chivalrous nature of the ukrainian army be it at home school or church the list of buildings that have been under artillery fire in east ukraine kept growing this week and locals are asking why they have ruined the horrors of the crackdown.
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now despite the lives being claimed in caves crackdown every day the offensive is finding further support in the west washington now plans to train and equip pro-government militia groups while the e.u.'s quietly lifting a ban on supplying ukraine with weapons for the fares our coverage says it's an utter example of double standards especially when moscow is accused of supplying self-defense fighters with arms it is blatant hypocrisy not totally as the russian foreign ministry said because they wanted to ban such supplies we had a coach but are now giving this swat but because the actually defused the treat this as a conflict in the first place it's simply a rebellion in the loot so-called legitimate ukrainian most thought it is already involved in the security operation to stablish law and order if there is
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more weapons coming the ukrainian government's way more training more where it looks pretty green for the self-defense forces this will only embolden the it to go all the way using indiscriminate violence in resolving the issue in beast itself away. rushes or giant lukoil this we decided to sell all its petrol stations in ukraine it comes after some of them were blocked by the members of the extremist right sector group the radicals previously you demanded fuel be handed over to the army for young going assault in the country's east u.k. journalist neil clark who's been closely following the situation in the country says kiev is using the far right group to do its dirty work. i could see clearly the right sex to do things the ukrainian government would want to be seen good little selves such as well katie stations and so i think good it's
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a kind of good cop bad cop it's all really evil though you can be grateful for it is a good question anyway however they need the right sector to do things like this the country's running short of money supplies and therefore it's better for all the ukrainian authorities if the right sector is taking this kind of activity is located you got to stations role of the local sales because the cover doesn't want to control these people it's that he needs the right syndicated probably the right sector and it still needs them today. you know meanwhile an american journalist working for it is roughly the new agency in western ukraine has been told to leave the country she was detained and questioned for several hours by the security service after trying to film a protest here's how she described the incident to journalists with a camera you know just there was a rugby sticker on my tripod and straightaway said you know russia today first of all they questioned me themselves about seven of them i gave them all the details
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that could give them i gave them my press card that had nothing to hide and there my colleagues. i have i wanted to give them all the information they needed and you know fifteen minutes later three policemen came and three officials came from national security service in ukraine and they were asking me so many questions taking all my details and then when they didn't they didn't believe that my american passport was rio showed them a picture of it so they followed me to the hotel until they could see the actual passport they asked me that i absolutely had to give my footage away and they had to raise it. first of all they put it on their computers so some. of the officials has it right now they have all the footage that it took of myself being questioned and also at the protest. and they gave it back to me it was blank. now it's not the first time a journalist has been booted out of ukraine and there have been over a dozen cases where t.v.
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crews have been barred from entering the country or sent away as soon as officials saw their russian identification papers last month british journalist graham phillips also working for r.t. was arrested and thrown out of ukraine ok. well we are keeping across all updates coming out of ukraine twenty four seven on air and online at r.t. dot com. and this week washington out of here again allies unleashed their toughest sanctions yet against russia over the crisis in ukraine latest american measures barred some of russia's financial pillars from dealing in the united states and one of them is b. the country's second largest bank it also operates in europe asia and africa well the to be subsidiary the bank of moscow is also on the list of sanctions and russia's agricultural bank which funds the farming sector has been targeted as well well there too it is the united shipbuilding corporation russia's largest holding
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in that sector and one u.s. lawmaker voiced his regret over the latest political fallout. from the soviet union fell there was a tremendous potential to making russia our friend have tremendous potential they withdraw their troops from eastern europe. the russians. were open to all kinds of interacting and being becoming part of the world community and. a tremendous opportunity i should say was squandered. now the e.u. has also barred some of russia's key financial institutions from raising capital in europe and us now to a closer look at how the latest either sanctions are targeting the russian economy well and the finance sector of the country's biggest and oldest bank is in the firing line the energy sector has been targeted to russia's now banned from importing advanced western technology and equipment for extracting fossil fuels and
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on top of that russia found sector is also being restricted global arm is sales accounted for more than fifteen billion dollars in twenty thirteen well the sanctions work both ways and some of russia's top european trading partners are now bracing for cuts to german experts say the country could lose six billion euros in exports to russia this year alone as moscow's number one new trading partner berlin is planning to lose annual turnover between the two countries comes to some seventy six billion yours and six thousand german companies do business in russia with hundreds of thousands of jobs at stake a u.s. citizens will now be forced to pay the price for political ambitions that's according to economists michael ross when you talk to the people on the street when you talk to people who have a one of business. executives in a big company. told this sentence i can tell this to you because
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sanctions never a one way street always. to a sanction and when it comes to this imposed sanctions all dissension that will be imposed on russia then of course the germans. suits to. full sentence but the ones who are suffering all the germans all those countries who are close to russia because they naturally have the biggest business implications well overall european officials estimate that russia and the e.u. could lose more than one hundred billion euros each over the next few years because of the latest sanctions and some european of firms are already counting their losses sports company i didas share is tumbled a record of fifteen percent on. sat it wouldn't achieve its targets and russia and europe's a largest carmaker volkswagen reported and eight percent decline in russia sales in
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the first half of twenty fourteen compared to last year they were being sanctions are valid for a year but could be reviewed after three months analysts believe the e.u. will try to minimize the impact of the sanctions on its own economy sanctions are a fairly blunt instrument they tend to hurt both the people who are being sanctioned as well as the people who are leveling the sanctions they tend to reduce economic vitality which is bad for everyone but they also have a pretty mediocre history of achieving the goals that are set out for them so that has agree of this certain amount of tension and reluctance to use sanctions particularly by europeans who have had a mixed experience of being pushed into sanctions by the u.s. government never seen sanctions implemented for ninety days only before so i think they're sending a message to the russians we really don't want to go through with this possibly because they think it may harm themselves so i think they're very much hoping that the situation will improve in the relationship and that they can disappear after
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ninety days. now you can stay up to date on the story on air and online there's always more analysis and opinion on our website r.t. dot com. now in qatar migrant workers who helped build luxury offices for the organizers of the twenty twenty two world cup haven't been paid for a year some are stranded in the gulf states without paperwork after their employer went bust britain's guardian newspaper conducted an investigation into how foreign workers find themselves enduring conditions described as inhumane and modern day slavery that is paper discovered unsanitary conditions and power cuts and up to ten men living in tiny rooms that's while working six to seven days a week for ten hours in scorching heat and many have reportedly died of strokes and cardiac arrest investigation also discovered zeer paperwork is illegally taken from them and no medical care is provided salaries have been paid only for the first few
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months then the money stops borrow from the international trade union confederation believes other governments have chosen to turn a blind eye to the situation. tower is a slave state it's a modern day slave state you are our own by one person so your contract is signed before you leave your home country but when you get to the employer can often simply tear it up or not pay your wages or trade you in any oppressive way they like work as above desperate for working poor countries so most of these migrants are from nepal india the philippines parts of africa and i don't understand because nobody tells them what they will face when they get ticket . it's not given enough attention by international governments companies governments they can stuff like ticket we don't want to work with you until you
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change the lords until you abolish the caviler system until you put in place fundamental like the right. are going to leave behind the scenes at how news is made on our team the latest episode of the used team in just a couple of minutes. sometimes i am baffled by the closed little world that a lot of people in the mainstream media must live in they seem shocked and appalled at the fact that around forty percent of the weapons supplied to afghanistan have gone missing let's ignore the fact that while americans are going broke the u.s. must rebuild the afghan military and think for just a second what would happen if you sent a lot of weapons into a country in dire economic suffering i'm sure you've heard reports that say that
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afghan farmers could only make a living off of poppy crops because they just have no the resort so if you throw a bunch of guns and ammo into the hands of people who have the career choices of poppies or starvation yeah that someone might be willing to sell some bullets to get by also we shouldn't forget that every government on earth has people in it working for their old self interests or others interests it is totally naive to think that every person involved in the process of transferring weapons will be loyal to the afghan government which seems to have been put in place by a certain hyper power who remain nameless in short if you find this story shocking then you really need to get off the couch and see how the world really works but that's just my opinion.


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